Announcing ASUG University End User Workshops

Jeff Word, Ph.D.
Jeff Word, Ph.D. in ASUG University, SAP ERP, Practical Analytics October 03, 2017

ASUG University will be offering our first set of workshops to address this exact issue in the coming months. We will debut two brand-new, three-day workshops, specifically designed for end users to learn and apply core concepts in SAP. 

Over my many years in the SAP ecosystem, one thing that hasn’t seemed to change very much at all has been the way that companies create and deliver end-user training to their employees who use SAP. A few powerpoints, maybe a binder full of screenshots, “tribal knowledge” shared across cubicle walls — not a recipe for success and end-user happiness. The net result is that companies will never be able to achieve the ROI they expected on their SAP investments, since their employees don’t know how to use the tools properly, don’t know how to use all of the capabilities of the tools, and aren’t terribly excited about using the tools in the first place.

But at ASUG University, learning is different. The combination of business concepts and their execution inside the SAP system explored in these workshops has been proven very effective in “peeling back the skin” of SAP and helping users see the power and beauty of the capabilities underneath the user interface.

ERP 101 Workshop

The ERP 101 workshop is for anyone who uses ― or will use ― SAP at any level. From new hires to experienced staffers from key functional areas such as finance, warehousing, manufacturing, operations, procurement, order fulfillment, and sales support (order entry), or any IT professional new to SAP.

Benefits of attending include:

  • extensive hands-on training
  • exploration of the fundamental concepts of SAP ERP from a business perspective
  • ability to learn the integration between transactions and functional roles across processes

Practical Analytics Workshop

In the Practical Analytics workshop, attendees will work hands-on in the systems to bring real business scenarios to life. This interactive workshop is designed to help business users gain a "big picture" overview and broaden their understanding of data analysis while working directly with SAP analytics tools. 

Benefits of attending include: 

  • extensive hands-on training
  • exploration of the broad portfolio of SAP analytical tools
  • ability to broaden your understanding of data analysis, including concepts, terminology, and methds
  • key take-aways to bring back to your organization for immediate implementation, such as slicing and dicing, data visualization, dashboard, data mining, and descriptive and predictive analytics

We hope to see a few of your business users at these workshops so we can send them back to the office with a new perspective on SAP and a thirst to continue to improve their SAP knowledge.