ASUG and G2 Crowd Partnership: What Members Need to Know

Thomas Wailgum
Thomas Wailgum in Partnerships, G2 Crowd, ASUG + G2 Crowd September 06, 2017

I wanted to share some exciting news from ASUG: We are thrilled to announce a new partnership with G2 Crowd that will expand ASUG member benefits through crowdsourcing of technology products, access to research and services at a discounted price, and eventually partner reviews.

OK, Tom, that sounds all well and good, but how does this help me — the average ASUG member?

You come to ASUG to get an unbiased perspective on SAP technologies from peers who’ve been there, done that, right? G2 Crowd works the same way, with 220,000+ user reviews on B2B technology read by nearly 1,000,000 software buyers each month. Check out their video to hear more.

Here are some of the primary benefits that you, ASUG member, can take advantage of:

  • Members get access to crowdsourced product reviews as useful tools to help them make smarter purchasing decisions. G2 Crowd’s wealth of reviews is a gold mine of authentic, unbiased user reviews of software, including SAP products.
  • Members who create a profile and submit product reviews will receive discounts on G2 Crowd products and services, including research reports from G2 Crowd on topics of interest at a discounted price.
  • Through the “stack assessment” tool, members gain a valuable source of intel on what SAP products other members are currently using and how those products are performing, helping them make better purchasing decisions.

“Simply stated, we believe this partnership will enable our members to tap into the power of peer reviews to make better technology purchases and achieve a better return on those investments,” says ASUG CEO Geoff Scott. “I see this as another way to enhance the already vibrant ASUG network and provide that critical influence back to SAP on their products — reality-based customer feedback is what ASUG is all about.”

“We are excited to partner with ASUG to drive increased member engagement through the largest source of third-party validated reviews,” says Tim Handorf, CEO and cofounder of G2 Crowd. “Our goal has always been to bring transparency to the B2B marketplace. Through this partnership, ASUG members will be able to leverage G2 Crowd’s verified user-reviews to see which software products and services members are using, and more importantly, what they think of them, allowing members to make more informed purchasing decisions.”

Get Started

So how can ASUG members get started? It’s easy. Start at, where you’ll be directed to create a profile and write a review of a software product on this site. 

Next, share with us your SAP technology stack — what is your company running today, and how’s it faring? G2 Crowd’s trusted platform will help ASUG gather information about the SAP technologies our members are using. This information will help us unlock key member insights — we will publish a research report of the findings of the stack survey and use this data to drive programs and content for 2018.

And as we get more and more information on our members’ SAP landscapes, we will be able to connect peers so that they can compare notes on how their systems are running and how they can improve. This is the stack-matching opportunity that has huge potential for ASUG members.

Lastly, if you’re attending an ASUG or Eventful Conferences fall event (see the full line-up), come talk with us about it in the ASUG Hub. We’d be happy to walk you through the program in-person and help you get started.

Start your experience with the new ASUG and G2 Crowd partnership by clicking on this link.