In-Store Analytics App Prototype Available from SAP's SMB Innovation Lab | Recommended SAP Blog

SAP's Drew Bates recently shared an interesting development out of SAP's SMB Innovation Lab in this blog post. A new app prototype from the SMB Innovation Lab enables SAP Business One customers to leverage face recognition with in-store analytics. Retailers or other companies interested in "gathering store-wide insights" may be interested in this solution. 

About In-Store Analytics

A key emphasis from the blog is that In-Store Analytics is an app prototype and that there is no commitment to support. The app is "loosely coupled into SAP Business One and can be deployed on any cloud server," including the SAP Cloud Platform. 

We recommend that you read the blog for full details, including details on how it works, as well as how to access the source code for those interested. 

From the blog: 

"In-Store analytics is built on a foundation of face recognition. It uses the feed from an in-store camera, something which is ubiquitous in modern retail. We enhance the real-time data coming from this feed to identify when a face crosses a chosen zone within the camera’s field of view."

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