Customers Stories: Learnings from the Trenches – ASUG and SAP Support Boot Camp Series (Part 5 of 5)

Paul Kurchina
Paul Kurchina in SAP Support, Technical Support December 15, 2017

In Module Five, we are focusing on "Customer Stories: Learning from the Trenches." The customer experience is extremely relevant. As part of our community, we believe hearing from customers speaks volumes, and as such we have dedicated a module to just that.

ASUG and SAP Support Boot Camp Series

SAP Support is a topic that is top of mind for ASUG members. At ASUG, we continue to focus on helping our SAP customers drive more value from their SAP Support investments today and in the future.

As part of this ongoing commitment, we are thrilled to bring you the ASUG and SAP Support Boot Camp series. This series is focused on providing you with insight into the various areas of SAP Support that you can and should be taking advantage of.

Each module focuses on a specific topic and has multiple episodes that give you guidance, direction, and resources to help you be successful with that area of SAP Support.

In the five modules, we will be focusing on the following topics:

  • Basic Training on SAP Support Access
  • Innovating for the Future with SAP Support
  • Advancing Your Upgrades through SAP Support
  • Building Your Knowledge on SAP Enterprise Support
  • Customer Stories: Learning from the Trenches

Customer Stories: Learning from the Trenches

In this module, there will be five episodes. We hope you will enjoy watching the first episode of Module Five of our ASUG and SAP Support Boot Camp Series. The other four episodes in this module will be produced in January 2018 and made available in February 2018.

Episode 1: A Conversation with Peter Monaghan of Breakthru Beverages

Listen in to this journey with SAP Support: "A Conversation with Peter Monaghan of Breakthru Beverages." In this episode, Peter Monaghan from Breakthru Beverages and Kristen Scheffler from SAP discuss how Breakthru utilizes and gets the most out of their SAP Enterprise Support investment. You'll hear how communicating, participating, being proactively involved, and understanding how to measure improvement year over year with their SAP Support investment has become the baseline to their culture. According to Peter, "SAP Enterprise Support: It's not just for Basis anymore!"

Episode 2: Coming February 2018

Episode 3: Coming February 2018

Episode 4: Coming February 2018

Episode 5: Coming February 2018

You can also binge watch all episodes across all five modules.

If you have questions at any time while watching a webcast recording, feel free to use the Q&A feature. All questions will be routed to the subject experts, and you will receive an email response. We will also collate all questions received from the series and provide an FAQ paper that you can access through the ASUG Service and Support community site on

If you have ideas for future episodes on SAP Support, let us know via the Q&A feature, as well. As always, we welcome your input and feedback.

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We would not have been able to pull this boot camp together without the help and assistance from SAP’s Maintenance and Support organization. A big thank you to them for their partnership with ASUG on this important series for our members.

So sit back, watch and listen in, ask questions, and enjoy.