Need Short-Term SAP Talent? Meet the SAP Gig Economy

Adam Page
Adam Page in March 05, 2018

The concept of the gig economy is nothing new. In fact, with the recent explosion of services like Uber, GrubHub, TaskRabbit, and others, you could even say it could be the workforce of the future. The SAP gig economy is a little different, however. Not just anyone can participate―the skill sets are far more unique, which means they are also far more in demand.

ASUG conducted some research in late 2017 to look at the state of hiring for SAP contract talent. While this landscape is active, there are also some key pain points hiring companies are facing. There are jobs that need to be done, and there are qualified people to do them. However, there is a bit of a disconnect between how to optimally connect the two.

A New Look at SAP Staffing

ASUG Talent Hub plays squarely in this SAP gig economy space to improve this landscape for our members—making this experience better for both the hiring companies that need talent to complete their SAP projects and the independent contractors looking for more work. So, let’s answer the questions about why we launched this service and how it can help companies that hire SAP independent contractors, shall we?

Why Did ASUG Get Into the SAP Staffing World?

As a trusted adviser to the largest group of SAP users in the world, ASUG sees the needs within the SAP ecosystem and wants to do its part to address them. In this case, ASUG members expressed a need. ASUG’s research on the SAP gig economy yielded some pretty clear results. It’s tough to find quality candidates for SAP-related work, especially when you must engage multiple staffing vendors to do so. Also, a decent share of SAP-related jobs just aren’t being filled as quickly as they should be―28 percent of SAP-related jobs pushed out to contract workers take as long or longer to fill as they do to execute. Let’s be honest―that number should be 0 percent.

Challenging the SAP Staffing Status Quo

If this is the reality of the SAP gig economy, why hasn’t anyone done something about it? The truth is, we wondered the same thing. Is it that this gig economy has been running as the status quo for so long that hiring companies have just accepted the current state? It’s possible, but we’d like to challenge that thinking. We need to do better, and ASUG Talent Hub is our answer to how it gets better.

So, What Is ASUG Talent Hub?

ASUG Talent Hub is a faster and easier way to find the best SAP contract talent. If you’re a hiring company, you’ll get access to multiple vendors with databases full of SAP expert consultants in one place. Now, you can submit a job description and you’ll receive a select number of high-quality candidates within 48 hours to begin your selection process. You get a) the best fit for the job b) at a price you can set c) within hours or days of submission, instead of weeks or months. The good news is that this process is open to anyone: Your company does not need to be an ASUG member to use this service.

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A 48-Hour Turnaround for SAP Talent 

How does it work? A hiring company submits a job order for a specific area of need, giving a job description and timeline, as well as the price-per-hour it is willing to pay. Staffing vendors are then alerted by ASUG Talent Hub that a new job has come in and they go to work. Within 48 hours, each of the vendors will submit a certain number of resumes for the hiring company to review, based on how many resumes were requested. The company then selects the candidates it wants to interview and the rest are tossed out of the running. If the company makes a hire, great! If the company doesn’t find the candidate it wants, it can reject all candidates and start the process over again.

So, What's in it for Me? 

If you have responsibility or influence over hiring contractors for SAP work, ASUG Talent Hub is designed to make your job easier at each step. It gets your projects staffed faster and within budget. It does this at an affordable rate that you can set, making it easier to create a business case to management for the additional staff. And you are more likely to get the right person for the job, rather than the person who happened to be available or who was cheapest. And if you are not part of the team that hires SAP contractors in your company but have a connection to those who do, it’s a great opportunity to refer your colleagues to ASUG Talent Hub to help your company solve its staffing challenges.

Take a few minutes to check out ASUG Talent Hub. We think you'll like what you find.

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