So You Want to Move to SAP SuccessFactors

Sherryanne Meyer
Sherryanne Meyer in Community Advocates, Human Resources May 02, 2017

So you want to move to cloud. Err … that is, you will be moving to cloud, maybe even dragged kicking and screaming, and you don’t know why you have to change.

Taxes, Death, and Change ― Things We Can’t Avoid

The world keeps moving forward, and we know we’re all going to change our technology at some point. For those customers who have not seriously considered a move to cloud yet, the question I usually get is, “Why?” Why do customers move to cloud? Well, there are a variety of genuine reasons, some of which are:

  • Your current on-premise system is not on the current release.
  • You have multiple fragmented systems running HR.
  • Your original deployment of on-premise HR didn’t create a single global platform.
  • You have difficulty maintaining country compliance.
  • Corporate decided to go cloud, and HR must follow.
  • You want to reduce IT involvement in your HRIS.
  • User experience is lacking.

Whatever your goals, the ASUG HR Community volunteers have stories to help you find your way. And if you’re fully all-in on-premise, we have that content, too. Check out some of the HR content they provided at SAPPHIRE NOW and ASUG Annual Conference.