Instinct vs. Data in an Inventory-Driven Business
Richard Duffy
Richard Duffy in SAP Business One, Supply Chain, Logistics January 18, 2018

Instinct vs. Data in an Inventory-Driven Business

Logistics month continues for ONE.Source, our ASUG community for SAP Business One.

Throughout my career, I have met many small business owners with encyclopaedic knowledge of their businesses who absolutely amazed me. Much less often, however, have I met small business owners who were able focus their attention on innovation and business growth. Developing that encyclopaedic knowledge requires a lot of time and attention—attention that may be better served elsewhere. 

Too often, we focus our attention on achieving all-encompassing, encyclopaedic..


Living the Logistics Life with SAP Business One – ONE.Source Theme for January 2018

As we start the new year, our ONE.Source community is officially beginning our year-round curriculum for 2018. Each month, we will focus on a central topic (or two) and explore all perspectives (customer, partner, SAP, and our SME) via webcasts, blogs, videos, discussions, and more.

Optimising and reducing the cost of operations tends to be a major focus area in businesses that buy and sell products, whether your enterprise is large or small.

With the continuing challenges around maintaining margins — constantly under pressure from increased..

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