B2B & B2C E-Commerce for SAP Business One: TrueCommerce Nexternal E-Commerce Platform | Webcast Summary

Danny Pancratz in E-Commerce, Complementary Solutions (Add-ons), Webcasts July 18, 2018

Did you know that TrueCommerce offers an integrated e-commerce solution, Nexternal, that can capture all of your B2B, B2C, and Amazon Seller Central orders? In this Partner Showcase webcast, learn how the Nexternal platform will enable you to:

  1. Extend your brand throughout your customer's entire shopping experience.
  2. Engage your customers with the platform's integrated and included marketing and social media tools.
  3. Manage all of your orders (B2C, B2B, Mobile, Amazon, Subscriptions, etc..) in a unified Order Management System.
  4. Leverage built in shipping tools and sales tax calculators while automating data flows to your accounting software.
Watch the on demand recording to see how you can apply this platform to your own business, and capture all of the benefits of integrated e-commerce.  

Webcast Summary | Topics & Timestamps

  • The four key aspects to consider in an e-commerce platform (3:00)
    • Establish and extend your brand identity
    • Engage your customers
    • Omni-channel capabilities
    • Integrated (with SAP, as well as other options: shipping carriers, sales tax service providers, search platforms, etc)
  • Live demo of sample e-commerce website: Golf Products & Apparel Company
    • Establishing your brand on your e-commerce website
    • Providing multiple paths into your store
      • The importance of a seamless user experience
    • Walk-through of the customer shopping experience (9:00)
    • Search engine optimization of your products (10:00)
      • HTTPS secure URLs
      • Customization of product title tags
      • Social media integration and incentivize sharing
    • Delivering an easy-to-use and rich customer experience (15:00)
      • Selection fields integrated with attribute selection (ex. product color)
      • Multiple Ship To options
      • Video & rich content compatibility
      • Customer Reviews
        • Leveraging reviews for SEO and Marketing
      • FAQs
      • Cross-selling and upselling
    • In-store or In-category marketing (22:45)
    • Subscription offerings (24:30)
    • Checkout (25:00)
      • Cross-selling and upselling without leaving the checkout experience
      • Order editing
      • Legal disclaimers
    • Mobile experience (29:00)
    • B2B Capabilities (31:30)
  • Back-end setup (33:30)
    • Cloud-based solution
    • Built-in dashboards
      • Mobile dashboards
    • Omnichannel capabilities (37:00)
      • Interface for phone orders (internal store)
      • In-person orders
    • Processing orders in SAP Business One (43:00)
    • Customer Reporting (48:30)
    • Integrations


Craig Ross, VP, Nexternal Platform, TrueCommerce

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