SAP Business One in the Cloud | Webcast Summary

Danny Pancratz in Cloud, E-Commerce, Webcasts July 19, 2018

More and more, small and mid-sized business owners and managers are faced with the decision of where to host their ERP solution: On-premises? At a remote data center? In the Cloud? 

In this webcast, SAP's Michael G. Cardi  explains the options for deploying SAP Business One in the cloudNext, he discusses some other cloud productivity and management tools, including Browser Access, B1 Mobile, and SAP Analytics Cloud. Additionally, he covers using SAP Business One as your e-commerce platform. 

Webcast Summary | Topics & Timestamps

Speaker: Michael G. Cardi, SAP
  • A discussion of "Cloud"
    • What is it? 
      • Cloud is about innovation and new engagement models
        • Faster deployment
        • More frequent innovation updates
        • Agile deployment, configuration, and integration
        • Lower CapEx and faster time to value
    • Different guises (7:45)
      • Hosting
      • Private Cloud
      • SaaS
      • Public Cloud
  • SAP Business One in the Cloud (10:20)
    • Components
    • Deployment options
      • Deployment considerations
        • Private Cloud
        • Partner-hosted
        • Public Cloud
        • SAP-hosted
  • SAP Business One Cloud Experiences (20:30)
    • Browser access
    • Mobile applications (23:15)
      • SAP B1 Mobile App
      • SAP B1 Sales App
      • SAP B1 Service App
  • SAP Analytics Cloud (28:40)
    • SAP Business One Analytics versus SAP Analytics Cloud
  • SAP Business One as Your E-Commerce Platform (35:45)

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