Make Your Voice Heard | Vote on New Features and Improvement Requests for SAP Business One (Reminder: Vote by Early June)

Richard Duffy
Richard Duffy in Announcement, Influence May 30, 2018

Did you know that you have the opportunity to make your voice heard and influence the future direction of SAP Business One?

SAP's Customer Influence website offers year-round opportunities to submit improvement requests and participate in other Customer Influence programs like Early Adopter Care. This month, customers and partners are called to vote on improvement requests before the product management team begins reviewing them in June. 

About SAP Customer Influence

First, we recommend you familiarize yourself with the primary Customer Influence website and various programs. There is quite a lot of information, as well as helpful instructions to get set up for access. 

Not all these programs or opportunities may be applicable to SAP Business One at this time, but there is one ongoing opportunity we want to highlight: 

Continuous Influence

Previously the SAP Idea Place, SAP launched a new Customer Influence site late last summer. This portal is where you can make suggestions (improvement requests) for what you'd like to see developed in the product.

Voting on improvement requests submitted by others is also important. SAP relies on a critical mass of votes to help prioritize where they spend their efforts. So while you may not have any new requests to submit, it is important to validate other ideas and vote for the improvements you support. 

The Time is Now | Submit and Vote on Improvement Requests 

Andreas Wolfinger, SAP Business One Product Manager, recently sounded the call for improvement requests, and votes in particular, in his blog on the Customer Influence portal.

In short, Andreas noted that his team will soon prioritize improvements for future release (including release 10), so all are encouraged to contribute ideas and votes by early June. You'll need to setup access to the portal in order to see the blog, so we're sharing his message below to spread the word and give you more detail.  

Take advantage of this opportunity to make your voice and opinion count. I have already voted for my favorite and most wanted enhancements; I hope you'll do the same.

Vote for Improvements

 From Andreas Wolfinger SAP Business One

Dear Customers and Partners,

Our Customer Influence Session for SAP Business One is our most important connection to you, to our market. Only together we can improve and update SAP Business One reasonably and further round up its functional scope.

Already with release 9.3 we could realize more than 65 Improvement Requests (IRs). In the meantime, we additionally could already implement many of your requests, approx. 30 IRs. Among those were some ideas which did not even reach the voting threshold yet, but they were very reasonable and easily to ship via Patches or in areas outside the SAP Business One core, such as CCC, Service layer functions, exposed SDK objects, B1iF, Mobile, and Intercompany Integration Solution.  

Now we are planning further round ups and improvements for release 9.3 and are also starting to settle the priorities and individual topics for release 10, which we have already outlined in the SAP Business One product road map.

For this purpose, our first big review cycle in the Customer Influence Session will be coming shortly. As announced, in June my team will be checking your ideas and suggestions systematically. We will act as transparent as possible and give you detailed feedback.

Possibly we will contact some of you authors for further clarification and details of your requests and potential realization.

I am already looking forward to the results!

But basically, the following applies: We need to have a lot of attention and votes on the IRs to be able to position and prioritize them accordingly – It should not give the impression our product is completely perfect and it requires no further investment, am I right?

So please take the chance and vote for IRs ‘Open for Voting’ – the manifold filtering options in this list and the keyword search will certainly help you to find areas of your interest.

Thank you for your collaboration,

Andreas Wolfinger

Image credit: Screenshot of open requests in the Customer Influence portal by Richard Duffy

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