SAP Business One and the Cloud Control Center

Richard Duffy
Richard Duffy in Cloud, Biz.ONE Conference October 03, 2017

Everyone now knows that the cloud is here to stay, and even though ERP was one the last business task sets to really start to adopt the cloud paradigm, you can see more and more organisations are making the shift to a cloud-first strategy.

Whether it's private cloud where the environment is dedicated to users of that company only or public cloud where the total cost of ownership is lowered as a result of shared infrastructure, the choices are now wide and varied.

This, of course, raises a new set of challenges for you and me as potential users of these cloud platforms and applications —the biggest one, of course, is choice.

Which provider? Which platform? Public or private cloud? How to manage security and how to manage the budget and cost of the migration to the new cloud environment? 

All of these questions and more will be touched upon in my "Moving to the Cloud" session at the upcoming Biz.ONE Conference in Anaheim later this month; but I wanted to get you started with a practical and usable solution for those of you who are already set on a path of deploying SAP Business One via the cloud by introducing you to the Cloud Control Center (CCC) from SAP — a purpose-built toolset and platform for deploying and managing SAP Business One in the cloud.

I have put together a set of training videos that can help you understand how to deploy the CCC for SAP Business One, and I will be adding to these over the next weeks with more detailed sessions on deploying other components of the solution, as well.

You can find many more videos on the ASUG community forum for SAP Business One under the Content tab, and we will continue to add to this library of product overview and training videos.

These CCC deployment videos are intended for an I-focused audience, but those of you responsible for managing your SAP Business One road map and strategy will also (I hope) find them useful as they give you an understanding of what is provided at no extra charge by SAP for you to manage your SAP Business One deployment. 

I would also recommend that as you contemplate your move to the cloud, your ensure that the CCC is part of your infrastructure rollout — and for those of you deploying SAP Business One in multicompany, multicountry scenarios, take a look at the videos, as wel, as I think that there's an untapped opportunity to really industrialise and simplify your rollouts with the CCC.

Below are the videos,u and I will add to these as more sessions are delivered.