Insights from SAP: Leveraging CRM Functionality in SAP Business One | Webcast Summary

In this webcast, SAP's Idit Saguey reviewed frequently asked questions about the customer relationship management (CRM) functionality in SAP Business One. While CRM was the primary focus, use cases and demonstrations also touched on how CRM ties into project accounting and accounts receivable

Topics included campaigns and advertising promotions, billing hours to a project, cleaning up customer records, as well as managing commissions for your sales employees. 

Webcast Summary | Topics & Timestamps

  • Introductions
  • How can I use SAP Business One to advertise promotions? (6:20)
    • Campaign Management
      • Demo (8:30)
  • Can I use activities to bill hours for a project? (15:40)
    • New feature in version 9.3
      • Create activity types, linked to a labor item
      • Create an activity linked to an activity type and to the project stage
      • Use billing wizard to generate A/R document for the activity
      • Demo (17:15)
  • How can I clean inactive customers form the database? (20:45)
    • Inactive Customers report
    • Master Data Cleanup Wizard (introduced in 9.2)
  • How can I evaluate my sales people on their closing rates? (23:45)
    • Opportunities
      • Use Opportunities to record your sales cycle
      • Opportunities can be created for customers, vendors, and leads
      • Record the sales stages to track progress of the deal
      • Link documents and activities to stages of the opportunity
      • Run a variety of reports to analyze effectiveness of your sales employees
      • Demo
  • How are commissions calculated in SAP Business One? (34:50)
    • Sales Employees/Buyers Setup
    • Sales Quotations
    • Demo (36:00)
      • Assign Sales Employee to Business Partners
      • Split A/R Invoice by more than one Sales Employee
      • Adjusting commission percentages
      • Sales Analysis by Sales Employee report
  • Q&A

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