SAP Business One Sales Order Management – A Great Example of How Product Depth Has Grown Over Time

Richard Duffy
Richard Duffy in Videos, Usability October 18, 2017

When SAP Business One started off as an acquired solution for SAP, it's fair to say that there were big ambitions for the product, particularly to get it into as many countries as possible as quickly as possible and to broaden the functional footprint (and therefore the appeal) of the solution.

(By the way, if you are interested in the full life story of this solution, take a look at the History of SAP Business One posts from Ilan Tal.)

Functional Breadth First, Depth Over Time...

As I have been recording a new set of SAP Business One basic training videos for you to use, I am again reminded that the solution has come a long way. In many respects there was always a broad set of functional areas, but the functional depth wasnt yet there. 

However, in the intervening 16 or so years since SAP acquired the product from Top Manage, that depth of functionality has definitely increased. SAP Business One is now truly an industrial-strength ERP solution for small and midsize businesses— not only with the built-in functionality but with the complementary solutions that extend the functionality.

As an example, I started off creating what I thought would be two sessions on the Quote-to-Invoice process with SAP Business One,  but so far I have created four sessions and I still have at least two more to go.

Now, before you say, "Richard, thats because you talk too much..." 

See the Changes for Yourself and Streamline Your Processes

There is now so much flexibility in the SAP Business One product, which is great for all of us as end users. We now have the ability to cope with so many different variations on the business process flows that SAP Business One automates. 

Take a look at the 15-Minute Fundamentals series of basic training videos for SAP Business One; it is growing week by week as I add more sessions. In particular, take a look at the latest videos on  sales orders: they are a great refresher on the functionality and could help you streamline your order and delivery processes. 

Access our "15-Minute Fundamentals" Video Series:  Basic Training for SAP Business One