Simplifying the E-Commerce Experience with SAP Business One

If you have ever looked at the process of integrating your online store with your back-end ERP solution, you may be forgiven for thinking that the "e" in e-commerce stands for "expensive."

I have seen scenarios where people have quoted between 10 and 120 thousand dollars for integrated e-commerce sites for SAP Business One, and sometimes there are good reasons for the expense based on the level of functional complexity required in the shopping experience.

Run Simple with SAP Business One – Can It Be Done on the E-Commerce Front?

However, for many SAP Business One users, the equation and the need is a lot simpler — they have a set of products to sell, a set of customers that already have a trading relationship with them, and all they want is a way to link the e-commerce experience on the website with the back-office ERP solution for straight through processing of orders and inventory integration.

The front-end solutions nowadays are relatively straight forward — I have personally built and deployed sites built on WooCommerce, Shopify, and simple sites with WordPress and a shopping cart like Ecwid.

But when it came to the back-end integration, that was a different story, and I usually ended up building a batch mode-based integration using the Data Transfer Workbench (DTW) or something similar.

But all that is about to change with a new solution that I have seen (and worked with) from Enterpryze that will allow you to build the integration between SAP Business One and a Shopify-based site in a couple of clicks.

So I will record and post a video showing you how this can be done over the next week; if your needs are simple and straight-forward, it could be the right one for you, and it's a great example of how you can run simple, as SAP likes to say, with SAP Business One and a partner solution.

Showcasing Complementary Solutions for SAP Business One

In case you were wondering, as requested by members in our recent research, I will try to present third-party solutions like this on a regular basis, and I chose Enterpryze as the first one as I have been working with the solution in detail since February and I believe that it really does simplify the whole e-commerce process. Enterpryze is a sponsor at the upcoming Biz.ONE Conference, so if you are attending, make sure you visit them on the exhibitor floor.

I have put together a blog post, as well, for you that provides a mini directory of the solutions at Biz.One that I will be taking a closer look at, and you can do a similar exercise so you can do some planning as to who you want to visit with based on your needs.

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