Smarter E-Commerce for SAP Business One: See Direct Integration in Action | Webcast Summary

Danny Pancratz in E-Commerce, Complementary Solutions (Add-ons), Webcasts July 25, 2018

Scalable, powerful and future-proof: with SAP Business One you chose an ERP that ticks all these boxes, so why settle for any less with your preferred e-commerce vendor?

Sana Commerce turns SAP Business One into a powerful e-commerce engine. Whether you sell to wholesalers, distributors, manufacturers or directly to consumers, the Sana application makes SAP Business One the heart of your online business, creating exceptional online experiences for both professional buyers and consumers.

In this on demand webcast, learn how the Sana application helps you empower your customers, simplify web store setup and ongoing maintenance, provide a better buying experience online and improve sales results. 

Webcast Summary | Topics & Timestamps

  • Evolving technology
    • “Today's B2B environment is more complex, crowded, and competitive than it’s ever been. B2B buyers now insist on an ‘Amazon-like’ customer experience with real-time interaction, extensive price and inventory transparency, and robust guided selling.” (Source: Forrester Research 2015)
    • Increasing adoption of digital channels
    • Omnichannel strategy
    • "Technology by itself is not the real disruptor. Being non-customer-centric is the biggest threat to any business."
  • Rising customer demands (8:45)
    • "By 2020, customer experience Will overtake price and product as the key Brand differentiator."  (Source: Customers 2020 Report, 2015)
    • Why are businesses struggling? 
    • Maintaining a unified system is easier
  • Sana's unique value proposition (12:15)
    • "We help mid-market companies that run SAP Business One maximize their business success with an agile and Efficient e-commerce platform."
    • The Sana philosophy: ERP and e-commerce work as one
  • Sana SaaS (14:45)
    • Version 9.3 - Major improvements
  • Your web store with Sana Commerce (17:15)
  • Solution overview (21:00)
    • Retail environment
    • Secure B2B environment
    • Sales and customer service environment (30:30)


Giuseppe Ianni, VP of Sales, Sana Commerce

Giuseppe has 13 years of experience in the e-commerce industry for the SAP channel. During this time, his focus has been on educating clients and business partners on e-commerce strategy and trends, and how businesses benefit by taking advantage of online sales.

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About Sana Commerce

Sana helps businesses worldwide reach their full potential. We offer the shortcut to e-commerce through 100% seamless integration with Microsoft Dynamics. Our e-commerce solution leverages existing business logic and data in powerful, user-friendly web stores. This lets our clients focus on improving customer experience, streamlining sales processes, and increasing revenue.