Successful CRM with SAP Business One - Customer Spotlight: Gaumard Scientific | Webcast Summary

Discover how the sales team at Gaumard Scientific deployed their first successful CRM with SAP Business One. Learn how their day-to-day business operations changed from performing redundant manual tasks to efficient and measurable action items. See how easily management monitors important sales KPI's with SAP Business One, including pipeline, expiriing customer warranties, scheduled demos, and sales rep expenses. 

In case you missed it: Gaumard also presented for our Financials curriculum in March, sharing details of their successful deployment of purchasing and inventory control after sales and financials. 

Webcast Summary | Topics & Timestamps 

Speaker: M. Cristina Ramirez, SAP Administrator, Gaumard Scientific

  • Introductions
  • Background | History with SAP Business One and CRM Solutions (6:45)
    • Where we were in September 2013
    • Why they chose ERP (and SAP Business One)
    • Journey since deploying SAP Business One
    • Previous CRM approach
  • CRM with SAP Business One | Tips, Tricks, and Lessons Learned
    • Create On-demand Customized KPI Report (10:30)
      • Overview of Gaumard’s KPI Dashboard
        • Drill through demo (23:00)
      • Recommendation: Identify your KPIs
      • Requirements: Work with queries and Crystal Reports
    • Schedule Weekly/Monthly Reports (16:35)
      • How Gaumard leverages alerts in SAP Business One to empower their sales reps
    • Standardize Expense Reporting (17:35)
      • Create Expense category
      • Create UDFs to enter expense total and category
      • Use Attachments to upload receipts
      • Use Status field to manage approval
        • Use Task for the activity to enable this field in the activity form
        • Use UI configuration to disable this field from sales rep
    • Configure User Cockpits (20:40)
    • Perform User Training Regularly (24:25)
      • Share best practices
      • Opportunity for Q&A and to listen to your users
      • Maintain and promote user confidence (and buy-in) with these tools
    • Customize Forms to Improve Interface Experience (27:20)
      • Rename fields
      • Create choose-from lists
        • Demo
      • Use Formatted Search
      • Disable or hide fields
    • Use UI Configuration Template (30:15)
      • Remove the clutter
      • Demo
    • Automate Discount Approval Procedure (32:45)
  • Q&A
    • Demo: How to create UI Template Groups (35:15)
    • Do customized fields impact upgrades?
      • No problems so far, including recent upgrade to 9.2
    • Demo: Formatted Search (41:15)

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