You Are in the Driver's Seat: Tell Us What You Want from the ASUG Community for SAP Business One

Richard Duffy
Richard Duffy in Announcement October 06, 2017

The ASUG charter has always been "by users, for users," and the ASUG Community for SAP Business One is no exception.

If you have been keeping an eye on the changes going on in our community forum, you will notice that  we are actively adding new content to our library, collating existing content to make it easier for you to acess, and planning out a content curriculum for the rest of 2017, as well as all of 2018. (Also, stay tuned for many more enhancements and announcements to come.)

Research-Based Curriculum

The new content, as well as our upcoming 2018 curriculum, is based on feedback we collected throughout our year-long research projects for both the Biz.ONE Conference and our year-round ASUG community. The Hot Topics in the SAP Business One User Community research report for the Biz.ONE Conference will give you an idea of where we are headed. 

However, the better news is that our research is not over. We are very keen to hear more from you about what you would like to see as part of the community and what topics you would like addressed.

Tell Us What You Want to See

Our Best Practices/Ask the Expert sessions each month are meant to be user-driven and interactive, so let us know what you would like addressed for each topic. Danny Pancratz,  director of education at ASUG, has been busy putting together discussion threads so you can have your say, and I've got a couple of suggested starting points for you:

View the Ask the Expert Series

Additionally, we are open to your general input for our year-round community. We encourage you to help us understand how our community can help maximize your SAP Business One investment.

Please set aside a few minutes, scan the plan, and make your voice heard — your input will help us to deliver more of what you want to see. And if you are attending the upcoming Biz.ONE Conference, come see us on the ASUG booth: I'll be around and will be very keen to hear from you and meet you.